Custom Mylar Bag Design

Mylar bags are the preferred method for storing cannabis. The bags prevent light from getting through. Mylar maintain’s the integrity of the color, odor and taste of the buds.  Effectively keep out air, moisture and heat.  Slim, lightweight and sturdy and can be re-used. Free of toxins.  Lastly, are legally compliant: child resistant, smell-proof, tamper proof, and super durable.

Available Sizes:

  • Mylar 1lb Bag – 13.5”(W)x18”(L) w/6” Gusset
  • Mylar 1/2lb Bag – 13.5”(W)x10.75”(L) w/6” Gusset
  • Mylar 1/4lb Bag – 9.25”(W)x14.25”(L) w/4.5” Gusset
  • Mylar 1/4 oz Bag – 4”(W)X6”(L)
  • Mylar 1/8 oz Bag – 4”(L)X5”(W) W/2” Gusset
  • Mylar 1 gram Bag – 3.25”(W)X3.5”(L) W/1” Gusset
  • Mylar 1/2 oz Bag – 4”(W)x7”(L) w/2” Gusset
  • Mylar 1 oz Bag – 5”(W)x8.25”(L) w/2” Gusset

Materials: PET + PE

Includes child resistant seal

Additions to Bags:

Gusset + $0.02 Per Inch Added
Windows + $0.03 Per Window Added
Hanger Hook Hole + $0.01/bag
BMT Coating on Grow Bags + $0.30/bag

Set Up Fee – One Time Fee:

0-1 Colors – $200
2-4 Colors – $400-600
5-8 Colors – $800-1000

Orders and estimates are based on quantity of order and artwork. Minimum quantity order of 2500 units. Committed recurrent orders will have the opportunity to receive discount pricing. Gray Line Supply can store your product for you at our warehouse and deliver to you on an as needed basis (Free delivery within 30 mile radius of Edmond). 50% deposit based on estimate and signed contract required prior placing order.

Design Rates


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Specific Marketing Materials
  • Strain Menus
  • QR Code Creation and Customization
  • Email Signatures
  • Business Card Design
  • Social Media Start Up Accounts
  • Custom Sticker Design and Formatting


  • Web Page Design


  • Web Page Hosting $75 per Quarter
  • Quarterly Billing (every 3 months)


  • Hosting Your QR Code
  • $5/month per code

Custom Packaging Design & Branding

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