Black/White Pop Top Drams, various sizes and counts



Black/White Pop Top Dram’s: A game changer in the marijuana packaging industry.  Eliminating the need for shrink bands and tedious manual labor.  The tubes are ASTM standard guaranteeing they meet CPSC child-resistant certification.

Storing medical marijuana or recreational marijuana? Also, these pop tops keep your products odor-free and fresh thanks to its airtight and moisture resistant features. Additionally, their opaque finish also makes them sunlight resistant and keep you state compliant, if opaque packaging is required.

Lastly, The Black Pop Top Dram’s design makes it easy for adult users to retrieve their product and keeps your product out of the hands of your little ones. Don’t miss out on these high-demand and multi-functional pop tops. Furthermore, dispensaries all agree that these are cost-effective, child-proof, and highly popular among their dispensary packaging supplies.

Black/White Pop Top Dram’s:


  • 6 Dram / 600 Count / Box
  • 13 Dram / 315 Count / Box
  • 19 Dram / 225 Count / Box
  • 30 Dram / 160 Count / Box
  • 60 Dram / 75 Count / Box
  • 90 Dram / 45 Count / Box

Optional Dram colorsOptional Colors available for order

Gray Line Supply Custom Packaging & Branding is your premier source for the absolute best in cannabis flower packaging, concentrate packaging, and edible packaging at an industry best price. All of our packaging products are fully customizable to suit your branding needs.

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