Pink Pop Top Dram, various sizes and counts




Pink Pop Top Dram:  GrayLine child-resistant Pink Pop Top Dram, tamper-evident pop top vials made with your packaging needs in mind, ensuring you meet ASTM standards and keeping your packaging containers CPSC child-resistant certified.

Also, the squeeze top vial design makes it easy for adult users to retrieve their product and keeps your product out of the hands of your little ones.

  • Airtight & Odor Free for Freshness
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Opaque
  • Child Resistant
  • Functional Packaging/Storage

Pink Pop Top Dram: 

  • 6 Dram / 600 Count / Box
  • 13 Dram / 315 Count / Box
  • 19 Dram / 225 Count / Box
  • 30 Dram / 160 Count / Box
  • 60 Dram / 75 Count / Box
  • 90 Dram / 45 Count / Box

The word “Dram” originates from ancient greece where they used it as a unit of measure.  Dram containers are unavoidable in a modern dispensary because they are frequently used to package goods for sales transactions and shipping.

Dram Sizes:

Indeed, drams are available in a variety of sizes to keep up with the demands that modern-day marijuana businesses present. GrayLine Supply is proud to assist businesses by supplying dram pop top vials in the following sizes:

  • 6 dram
  • 13 dram
  • 19 dram
  • 30 dram
  • 60 dram
  • 90 dram

Dram Styles

Drams come in pop-top, push-and-turn, and screw-top vial styles. Many pop-top vials are CPSC child-resistant rated and can open by firmly squeezing both sides of the vial until you hear a distinct “pop” sound.

Lastly, Specific individual states require that a product must be sealed during transport.  Indeed, GrayLine Supply offers Tamper-Evident Dram Pop Top Vials so your business can be compliant with your state’s laws.


Products available in a variety of custom colors:

Pink Pop Top Dram

Pink Pop Top Dram

Gray Line Supply Custom Packaging & Branding is your premier source for the absolute best in cannabis flower packaging, concentrate packaging and edible packaging at the industry’s best price.  All of our packaging products are fully customizable to suit your branding needs.

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