White Vape Cart Box – Child Resistant, 25 count


White Vape Box – 25 Count

These unbranded white vape cart boxes are perfect for selling your product. In addition, our unbranded vape cart boxes can be easily branded by applying your logo onto vinyl stickers.  Presentation is everything, and our exclusive cartridge packaging is certain to grab the attention of your customers. The foam insert that holds the cartridges is universal and will fit most 1mL cartridges.

As a cannabis retailer or manufacturer, it’s important to not only provide high-quality products to your customers but also to present those products in a way that enhances their appeal. One simple and effective way to do this is by using cardboard boxes to package your THC vape cartridges.

There are several benefits to using cardboard boxes for packaging THC vape cartridges:

  1. Protection: Cardboard boxes provide a sturdy and secure container for your vape cartridges, protecting them from damage during shipping and handling. This is especially important for fragile glass cartridges, which can easily break if not properly protected.
  2. Branding: Cardboard boxes offer a large, blank canvas for branding and marketing. You can use custom printing to add your company’s logo, colors, and other branding elements to the boxes, making them a powerful marketing tool.
  3. Professional appearance: Using cardboard boxes for packaging gives your products a more professional and polished appearance. This can be especially important for attracting and retaining high-end customers, who may be more discerning when it comes to packaging.

In summary, using cardboard boxes to package your THC vape cartridges can provide protection, enhance branding, and improve the professional appearance of your products. All of these factors can contribute to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. So if you’re not already using cardboard boxes for your vape cartridge packaging, it’s worth considering making the switch.

  • Child Resistant
  • For 510 Thread
  • Eva Foam included
  • Unbranded White for white labeling

White Vape Box – 25 Count / Box

Gray Line Supply Custom Packaging & Branding is your premier source for the absolute best in cannabis flower packaging, concentrate packaging, and edible packaging at an industry best price. All of our packaging products are fully customizable to suit your branding needs.

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