9ml Hexagon Gold Concentrate Jar w/Black CR Lid, (320 count)

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The 9ml Hexagon Gold Concentrate Jar, paired with its Black Lid, emerges as the zenith of cannabis concentrate storage solutions. Impeccably engineered, this jar encapsulates a symphony of aesthetics, functionality, and durability, meticulously designed to preserve the potency and integrity of your esteemed concentrates for months. Envisage accessing your precious substances, as viable and effervescent as the day they were ensconced.

Every aspect of this jar is a testament to intricate craftsmanship. The robust thick-walled glass is a bulwark against the deleterious effects of oxygen, light, moisture, and temperature – the arch-nemeses of cannabis concentrates' vitality. The addition of the child-resistant push-down cap epitomizes security, ensuring that the treasured contents are accessible yet secure, and out of reach from prying, unintended hands.

The jar’s capacity to cradle up to 2 grams of Rx concentrate caters to not just the storage but also the reverent presentation of oils, dabs, wax, and sample cosmetics. Each of the 320 jars in a box is a sanctuary where the quintessence of your concentrates is guarded with an unwavering vigil.

Beyond its structural prowess, the aesthetic appeal of the 9ml Hexagon Gold Concentrate Jar is undeniable. The golden hue dances in harmony with the thick glass, conjuring an allure that's both visual and tactile. It isn't just about preserving the concentrates; it’s about elevating the entire experience of interaction, from the first gaze to the opening of the lid, and the extraction of the concentrate.

Every concentrate has a unique spirit, a unique consistency, and therefore, unique storage requirements. The Hexagon Gold jar is a chameleon, adapting and offering optimal conditions, ensuring each type of concentrate is housed in conditions conducive to its preservation, and vibrancy.

In the world of cannabis concentrate storage, the 9ml Hexagon Gold Concentrate Jar isn’t just an option - it’s the epitome of choice, quality, and elegance. It's where innovation, safety, and aesthetic splendor converge to offer more than just a storage solution but a sanctuary where the soul of every concentrate is honored, preserved, and presented in all its effulgent glory.

 9ml Hexagon Gold Concentrate Jar

  • Black Lid Included
  • Material - Thick Walled Glass, Plastic CR Cap
  • Cap Style - Child Resistant Push Down Cap
  • Capacity - Up to 2 grams of Rx Concentrate
  • Use with - Oils, Dabs, Wax, Samples Cosmetics
  • Quantity in Box - 320

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