International Solutions & Procurement

We offer comprehensive solutions for international procurement, ensuring a seamless process from manufacturer to destination. Our capabilities encompass:

Communication and Logistics Coordination
We excel in orchestrating effective communication and logistics between manufacturers, ensuring a smooth product journey.

Product Sourcing
Whether custom-made or from our in-stock/generic inventory, we have the expertise to source the right products for your needs.

Dropshipping Expertise
Beyond our physical address, we facilitate dropshipping to various locations, optimizing convenience and efficiency.

Manufacturer Liaison
We act as a liaison between you and the manufacturer, streamlining communication and ensuring your specifications are met.

Sea Freight Management
We oversee the shipping process, from loading at the manufacturer’s location to arrival at Long Beach, CA.

Freight Handling and Transportation
Coordinating with freight companies, we arrange for container pick-up and delivery to Edmond or the final drop ship destination.

Financial Coordination
We manage the financial aspects, ensuring all transactions and funding are coordinated effectively.

Quality Control Assurance
Our team is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards, conducting necessary checks and inspections.

Custom Printing Arrangements
If custom printing is required, we take charge of the process to meet your branding and labeling needs.

Local Unloading and Delivery
For local deliveries, we handle unloading and ensure timely delivery to your specified location.

Customs Expertise
Leveraging our annual bond, we coordinate with customs authorities, ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations.

HT Codes and Customs Forms
We manage HT codes for US Customs, ensuring accurate and efficient processing.

Customs Forms 7501 and Commercial Invoices
Our team takes care of filing all required customs forms, including Form 7501 and Commercial Invoice Forms.

Local and US Based Solutions & Procurement

At Gray Line Supply, we’re a powerhouse in the local and US fulfillment and logistics landscape. Here’s how we excel in delivering exceptional value to our clients:

Fulfillment Expertise
We specialize in obtaining high-quality products at the best possible prices, ensuring our clients receive top-notch value.

End-to-End Logistics Management
Our dedicated team ensures that products are safely delivered to our clients, providing end-to-end logistics support.

Shipping Coordination
Leveraging partnerships with industry-leading carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, Coyote, and more, we guarantee reliable shipping solutions.

Customized Shipping Options
From small envelopes to shipments of 1+ pallets, we have the capability to handle a wide range of shipment sizes and complexities.