Transport & Delivery

OMMA Licensed cannabis transport provider in Oklahoma. Our Company’s Mission is to assist Grows, Dispensaries, Processors, and Laboratories in providing quality products to their clients and patients, ultimately increasing their profitability.

Standard Transports

Local Transports (within 30 miles of Edmond office)

1st Stop: $50 | 2nd Stop: $40 | 3rd Stop: $30

Additional Stops (beyond the 3rd): $30 each

3 Stops or more, driver lunch required @ $20

Transports beyond 30 miles (up to 100 miles from office)

IRS Standard Mileage Rate: $0.655 per mile

Special Transports

Transports Outside 100-mile Radius or under Contracted Plans

Hourly Rate: $30/hour (based on estimated route time)

Driver Lunch: $20

Gas and Tolls: $55 for every 5 hours of travel time + $15 each additional hour

Note: Estimated vs. actual times may differ slightly.

Billing and Payments

Invoice Process: Clients pick up monies from our office. Invoice to Gray Line Supply is paid at that time.

Important Information Regarding Scheduling of Transports:

Gray Line Supply, LLC  |  LIC# TAAA-S6TH-DBW9
Transport Address
: 10801 N. Hudson Ave., Ste. 501; Edmond, OK 73114
Office Address: 1600 E. 19th Street, Suite 502; Edmond, OK 73013
Phone: 405.562.6700

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